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    Introducing the “Tell Me Now” App

    Have you ever been indecisive and wished you could get Spirit’s input on the matter pronto? So you could make a decision or get the answer ASAP? Yes, many people do and because of this, I was inspired to create … Read more

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    25 Tips for a Healthier Relationship

    Hello my darlings, I’m sure you want your relationship to be the best it can be and in order for it to be the best, you have to make some effort to keep it fresh and healthy. Here are 25 wonderful … Read more

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    Confront Fear

    “You Can Overcome Fear” Hello my darlings, Fear holds so many people back in life. It can be quite debilitating and cause multitudes to live each day riddled with anxiety. Fear causes people to remain locked in prison cells when … Read more

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    How to Use The Law of Attraction to Materialise Your Desires

    The universe operates on a series of laws. I’m sure you’ve heard of the law of gravity and respect the law well, as you would most likely not jump off a high building to try to defy it. The law … Read more

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